Sunday, February 5, 2012

Naked & Famous S/S 12 collection

Weird Guy Scratch-n-Sniff Raspberry Scented
Naked and Famous is known for very unique denim ideas and here is a denim that won't smell like dirty sweats after a long periods of wear. The denim is coated and baked with special raspberry scented micro-capsules which will last up to 5 washes. 

12.5oz raw sanforized denim. 
Only available in the Weird Guy cut. 
Size 28-36. 
Very limited stock. 
Retail: $150

Here is a denim that will get the potheads a second look. This selvedge denim contains 30% hemp. It’s a natural fibre that is said to have been cultivated for over 10,000 years. The hemp yarn in the jean is left natural and unbleached which gives the surface a beautiful brownish cast. 

13oz raw sanforized denim. 
Only available in the Skinny Guy cut. 
Size 28-38. 
Very limited stock. 
Retail: $165

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