Monday, November 28, 2011


Keeping it 100% American, even when it comes to socks. There are only a few hosiery’s left in the United States due to the cost of domestic manufacturing, but the quality really shows in all of these brands. They’re not socks you’ll throw away after a few months, they’ll last you a good while. Heres some socks that can be worn year round, and some for those of you in the colder areas of the globe. I know it seems silly to pay good money for something as trivial as a pair of socks, but you will be thankful later.
Wigwam Cypress Camp Socks: 70% Cotton/30% Nylon with the look of Ragg wool. Marled-goodness. Mid-length and perfect for 6″ boots. Made in Sheboygan, WI. Available at Woodlands in Portland.
Fox River Mills Norwegian Long Socks: 85% Wool/14% Nylon/1% Polyester Heavy-duty socks that are sure to keep your feet warm in colder conditions. I have a pair of these just for traveling, as their way too warm for Florida winters. Made in Osage, IA. Available at Woodlands in Portland.
J.Crew Camp Socks: 74% Cotton/20% Acrylic/3% Nylon/3% Spandex. The best thing J. Crew carries, and amazingly comfy socks. Made in Vermont. Available at J. Crew


  1. Lol talking about socks, I need a couple of new pairs. Starting to get coldddd.

  2. cool socks bro