Saturday, January 7, 2012

Repair your raw denim at Self Edge!

One of the worst things to happen to raw/selvedge denim is the crotch blowout. Some denim such as APC is unavoidable. Fortunately, Andrew Chen of Self Edge in New York will almost perfectly patch up those horrible blowouts by process called "darning". It makes the jean more durable and also over time the new yarns will blend in nicely with the original colors and texture to create a more natural look. This process cannot be done anywhere as only handful of places such as Self Edge have the 1950s Singer Darning Machine.

The cost of any fix in the jeans will cost $40
and any jeans bought from the store that needs to be fixed will be charged only $20

If you are in the new york area and need to get your precious raw denim patched up, most certainly bring it to Self Edge. Yeah, the price is steep, but it's basically an investment and in the long run, well worth it. It's like a denim insurance if you ask me.


  1. While I appreciate craftsmanship, this seems pricey.

  2. i wish these guys shop was around where i am

  3. self edge well worth the price!

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